Cleaning underwear tips

Cleaning underwear tips

For girls, underwear is not only a close-fitting clothing to protect the chest, but also a key helper to help maintain the shape of the chest. Proper maintenance of underwear can not only prolong the life of the underwear, but also take care of the chest. But how should underwear be washed correctly? Quickly learn the following 8 tips for underwear cleaning and storage, so that your beloved underwear can be worn for a longer time without deformation and relaxation.

1. Try to hand wash underwear

When buying underwear, most of the clerks recommend using hand washing, because the washing machine is powerful, and it is easy to deform the underwear steel ring and cup. However, if it is really inconvenient or too lazy to wash by hand, put the underwear in a special three-dimensional laundry bag that can protect the underwear. It can reduce the damage caused by washing machine to underwear.

2. Hand wash should be gentle and do not use hot water

When washing underwear by hand, the method should be gentle, and it should be washed by light pressing and rubbing, and it is best to wash it with cold water or warm water that is slightly lower than the body temperature, so as to avoid overheated water from damaging the elasticity of the underwear fabric and premature relaxation.

3. Do not use bleach, cold detergent

Regardless of whether you wash it by hand or use a washing machine, do not use bleach or cold detergent when cleaning underwear. Chlorine-containing bleach will damage the material of the underwear, making the cloth surface of the underwear easy to turn yellow and broken. The strong alkali contained in the cold detergent is not only easy to Injure the underwear and may also cause the underwear to fade.

4. Absorb excess moisture with a hair pack

After washing the underwear by hand, do not twist the underwear vigorously to dehydrate it. Random twisting will make the underwear deformed. After washing, you can squeeze out the excess water first, then wrap it with a towel, and squeeze it gently with your hands to let the towel absorb the water, but don't forget to help the underwear "return to shape" at the end, open the cup and adjust it back to its original shape .

5. Avoid sun exposure

After squeezing out the excess water, do not expose the underwear to the sun or dry it with heating. Long-term exposure to the sun will make the underwear yellow, fade and greatly shorten the service life. It is best to dry it in a ventilated and dry place.

6. The correct way to hang underwear
▲Do not hang underwear directly with shoulder straps when drying underwear.

How to dry underwear is the key to maintaining the state of underwear! When drying underwear, do not hang it with the shoulder strap or hang it on one side, which will stretch the shoulder strap and cause the shoulder strap to loosen. The correct hanging method is to buckle up the underwear and arrange it, use a clip to clamp the bottom of the underwear and hang it upside down to dry, or hang it at the center of the spine connecting the two cups as a focus point.

7. Underwear cannot be stacked and stored

It is also very important to store underwear after drying. Using the wrong storage method will also make the underwear easily deformed. Underwireless underwear can overlap the left and right cups to reduce the storage range, and the shoulder straps and buckles are also placed in the cups; underwire underwear cannot be placed in half. , buckle into the cup. But it should be noted that, with or without steel rings, do not stack the underwear up, which may crush the underwear below and deform the shape of the cup.

8. Use a special underwear cleaning solution

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and many people change their underwear more diligently, but many people wash their underwear casually, but it is easy to breed bacteria and fungi in the underwear.