Tips for choosing the right underwear

Tips for choosing the right underwear

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Many female have a more casual attitude towards underwear choice. In fact, such an idea is not advisable, because underwear is not only the most close-fitting clothes, but also plays an important role in protecting the health of the chest. The right price is only one aspect. In order to maintain a healthy body and a good figure, choose the right one. The skills of underwear must be learned.

How to choose women's underwear? How to choose underwear correctly.


First, look at the size.

There are several different grades of underwear. From the cup, there are A, B, C, D, E, F; from the shape of the cup, there are cup, triangle, 1/2 cup and 3/4 cup. No matter which cup you choose, you must first find out your bust size and choose the right cup according to the size, so that there will be no empty cup or cup phenomenon.

How to choose women's underwear? How to choose underwear correctly.

Talk about the correct way to measure the bust. Use a soft tape to measure the breast point to the fullest position of the chest, and the data obtained is the upper bust size; the soft tape measures the bottom of the chest, and the obtained data is the lower bust size. The bust size minus the lower bust size determines the cup size.

Second, look at the breast shape.

Different styles of underwear should be worn for the chest shape. Improper selection will cause chest tightness. Therefore, according to the shape of the chest, choose the cup, chest width, body shape and thickness to make it more suitable.

How to choose women's underwear? How to choose underwear correctly.

Please talk about the common types of breasts:

Flat: The chest is flat and small, the chassis is not large, and the bulge is not high. It is suitable for choosing cushioned bras with smaller capacity.

Round: The chest area is large, the height is low, the chest fat is scattered around and not concentrated, and the curve is not obvious. Choose a cup with pads and a bottom grill, and the bra has good stability.

The chest is fuller, the bust is moderate, the bust is moderate, and the height is moderate. The lower part of the chest has more fat than the upper part and is mostly tapered. General bras are suitable, with a padded bust at the bottom, which can better support the bottom fat.

Fusiform: The base area is moderate, the breasts are raised, and the drooping feeling is slightly convex, resembling a spindle. Choose a bra with wide straps, underwire, and deep capacity for better support.

Hemispherical shape: The ideal breast shape is round and plump. The bottom and outer circles are the same width as the chest side circles, and the sides are hemispherical. Choose a mold-cup bra with an even thickness to make your entire bust look fuller.

External expansion type: the double peaks expand to both sides, the chest distance is too large (the distance between the chest points is greater than 1/2 of the shoulder width), and it is not concentrated. You can choose to adjust the shaping function of the underwear to improve the shape of the chest.

Low-cut type: The breasts are raised and sagging, and the bottom circumference is close to the chest. You can choose a bra with a high heart position, a support pad at the bottom, and an underwire. Plump and sagging should be worn with wide shoulder straps and thin sections, and can be padded at the bottom when worn. Mold cup bras with support pads at the bottom are fine when you wear them, due to age or the effects of gravity.

Third, look at the style.

There are many styles of underwear, including front buckle bras, sports bras, cross-strap bras, strapless bras, etc. You should choose the appropriate style according to your actual situation, and do not wear loose or tight underwear. To avoid the embarrassment caused by the slipping of the shoulder straps, it is best to choose a more stable shoulder strap buckle method such as left and right, front and rear crosses, etc. If you want to be sexy, you can also choose a beautiful back or a style with special design.

How to choose women's underwear? How to choose underwear correctly.

Fourth, observe the fabric.

General underwear fabrics include pure cotton, lycra, lace, and silk. Pure cotton has strong sweat absorption and is suitable for MM with sensitive skin types, except for MM with large breasts, because people with overweight breasts wear pure cotton underwear. Lycra is very elastic and has a strong supporting force. It is suitable for sports bras. It is more suitable for sports bras. Large breasts and MM are more suitable for sports bras.

How to choose women's underwear? How to choose underwear correctly.

7.In short, choosing underwear is definitely not a simple matter. There are many factors that need to be considered comprehensively. Spring is coming soon. You can go to see the new underwear products and strive to be the trendy and fashionable grill.